Laura Butler aka Lazza B (@lauragwyneth) is the reigning Queen of Streatham (and Leeds). Respectively. Whilst studying her main passion in life, Maths at the University of Leeds, she’s also one of the fresh faces of London’s modelling scene (signed to Named Models in London and Industry in Manchester). She was kind enough to check in on her experiences and views so far.

How would your friends describe you personality wise?

I think this is one of the hardest question in life as it’s hard to come across as modest.. i’ve just asked my flatmates and they’ve said caring, loyal, determined, passionate and kind haha..

How do you want them to describe you?

Erm sweet, hardworking.. A people pleaser?

So what is your favourite thing about your job?

Whats my job? ..Modelling? ok? Haha, i love being surrounded by creatives, as it is such a contrast to my maths environment and i also love working with stylists/photographers/makeup artists that have a strong vision and will do anything to execute it.

How did you get into modelling?

It started with my friends older sister’s friend Abby who studied Fashion at Southampton and would use me for her uni work. And then i met a photographer called Katie through doing that, so i did a few shoots with her – and through her posting me online some other photographers wanted to shoot. So from ages 16-19 my social media presence grew as i was testing with lots of different artists, and a model scout saw me on the Instagram explore page quite recently and then took me to a few agencies and named picked me up! So i’ve only been signed and modelling professionally since July.


Any shoots that you’ve really enjoyed?

It’s so hard to pick one fave shoot, but my favourite shoots to do are usually editorials when there are less rules and restrictions with what we can do with the photos. I really enjoyed a shoot i recently did for Red Thread Journal: Josh Shinner shot me and a Parisian model, and the concept of the shoot was us doing a scene from a silent film, and the photographer would shoot stills. It was just such an aesthetically pleasing location, the house was absolutely gorgeous, our characters in the film were really cool and the clothes were beautiful so that was fun. Also, another fun one was with a photographer called Markus Lambert, it was a really cool shoot – the theme is blue, so they went all out and put blue in my hair, blue clothes blue background – i really love a creative vision! Also the Hypebae shoot was also really fun, it was a beautiful day and we had a sporty theme. The photographer, Joel Claude was 17 at the time and he’s now 18. Gotta love a young gun… Last but never least Isaac Marley Morgan is also a really cool photographer. I always feel really comfortable with him doing nude shoots which is so important. We’ve done a few shoots together and i really like working with him. He always shoots film too which is just so classic.

Favourite supermodel and favourite new face?

My fave supermodel is of course Kate Moss the queen of life, and favourite new face of this season has to be Cassey Chanel! (@casseychanel)

Theme song to your life?

Such a hard one but i’ve probably got to go with Fade by Kanye West haha, just the line, “when no one ain’t around i think i think too much”..

Best thing about being young and creative in london?

London has to be the best city in the world! Individuality, which i feel is one of the most important values one can have, is not just welcomed but almost required in London. Waves are made in London, there are so many opportunities and people to inspire you, so i’d say that’s the best thing. Having so many pave the way.

Favourite clubs/pubs?

Gotta be the Bussey Building in Peckham! Fave pub is probably Old Blue Last in Shoreditch.

What is next?

Next for me is probably maths maths and more maths.

Favourite Instagram accounts/shout outs?

@yukihaze: co-founder/creative director at Sukeban Magazine

@emilyalmo: photographer/dancer from london! 

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